What is the first thing to remember about responsible journalism?

The first thing you need to remember is to keep things new. While news, in its very essence, is indeed new, there are instances when what’s news for one might already be old news for another. As a journalist, it’s best to keep yourself (and your readers/viewers) on your toes all the time, which means you need to be sure it’s all fresh as you give it.

What is one of the most popular and most reliable source of news for Swtizerland?

Well, for that, you’ll have to turn to NZZ, or its longer name, which is Neue Zürcher Zeitung. It’s one of Switzerland’s leading newspapers.

What is the use of keeping oneself updated for news?

When you keep yourself updated on the news, you basically make it easier for yourself to deal with last minute changes, such as when you’re preparing for a trip downtown, you’ll be needing to check the weather. News gets you updated with the latest happenings in your government, country, and society. You'll find out where to buy targeted traffic and take the necessary action to be part of the solution. Citizens opinion is important and is the key to democracy. Apart from that, it’s also good to be updated on the news primarily because you should know what’s up in your surroundings.

How should one write the news?

When starting off with your first paragraph, always remember this cardinal rule: 5 Ws and 1 H. The six of these are basically the essential questions that anyone will ask when it comes to news: you have a Who, What, When, Where, Why, and then you also have a How. All these will help to determine the shape of the news that you intend to tell. But of course, that is just the beginning. The rest would need your commitment to facts.

What’s good about The New York Times? Why is it so popular?

The New York Times is popular primarily because through the years it has somehow earned its credibility and integrity as a news company. Although political bias has been an issue that has been associated with it, the newspaper still gets a lot of subscribers over the years. Timelessness and reliability are the two pawns this agency uses when it comes out to play.

How is citizenship related to keeping oneself updated on the news?

Keeping yourself updated has something to do with the question of whether or not you know what’s going on in your society, and what you’re actually willing to do about it. Just by feeling the simple “need” to know what’s going on, means that one is concerned. This is where some good ideas spring up when it comes to helping the community.