Most Reliable News Sources Worldwide

Although there are a lot of newspapers and news websites that deliver quality news articles, there are still some agencies that make it to the top of the “newschain.” They are deemed the most reliable for their unbiased or in other cases, slightly less biased reporting and fact-based news delivery. And here are some of the news agencies:

The New York Times

This is probably one of the most famous newspapers in the world for a very long time now. Because of their good fact-checking skills and news reporting, people prefer The New York Times over any other newspaper. Although political bias has been an issue that has been associated with it, the newspaper still gets a lot of subscribers over the years. Timelessness and reliability are the two pawns this agency uses when it comes out to play.


The British Broadcasting Corporation is not just famous in its homeland. Also, in the whole world. It is known for its accurate news reporting and less-biased way of doing so. But like most world-renowned news agencies, BBC has not escaped accusations of political bias. But majority of its homeland’s population believes it to be a reliable and fair news agency. Considering that it reports a lot about politics, this is still a good sign – knowing that people still trust them to deliver news to their doorstep or from their “telly.”


National Public Radio or better known as “NPR” is a non-profit agency that delivers news to public radio stations all around the United States of America. Although this agency has experienced dwindling numbers in terms of listeners, this agency still prevailed with their award-winning journalists and other heroes who died in the field of battle while covering news stories. This agency too, has been accused of liberal biases. But in all political aspects, bias cannot be avoided. Some may be sugarcoated and some may be the cold, hard truth. It all boils down to responsible journalism and fact-based delivery.


So if the need to know about the world suddenly comes to mind, these are just some of the reliable news sources worldwide. So even if it’s on an Amsterdam city trip or during an Amsterdam canal tour, knowing what goes on in the world is never out of time or out of place.


  1. Ann J. Hyde

    nice read article!

  2. Debbie R. Knight

    in internet fake news is very prevalent!

  3. Jim T. Johnson

    i think digital news is very good since we dont cut the trees for newspaper anymore

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