What To Expect When Reading The News

It’s great knowing that people still want to know what’s going on the outside the corners of their smartphone or the edges of their laptops. Having news that evolve from actual print to just a tap away from a smart gadget is really a huge feat for mankind. But there is more to news than just a bunch of words that come together to form a story of some sort. For some, it is a process, it’s an art where storytelling takes a more structured and factual form.

The Big Letters On Top

The first words to be read are called “headlines.” These words are printed in big, bold letters to be able to draw attention to anyone who reads it. It is meant to be catchy, so the reader will proceed in reading the actual news article. This part also has to be short, so the reader won’t get bored of a long title.

In The Beginning

Introductions must answer the 5 W’s and 1 H (What, Who, When, Where, Why and How). This is the basic format of the intro since it should be as informative in itself as the rest of the article. It should be the part of the article that should support itself in case the reader decides not to follow through the whole article.

The Story

The paragraphs that follow the introduction are made for details. Since the story has been summarized in the introduction, the story should also be told in full detail thereafter. Also, division between paragraphs must be observed to avoid a “cluttered” article, wherein thoughts and concepts are jammed into one big article. Having divisions gives the readers some sort of “eye break” when reading.

The End

This is where the story wraps up, where the problems are solved or are now being solved. This part just closes the whole article, basically.

Get Real

In dealing with news articles, being factual is most important. The stories must come from real events with real people and must occur in real places. Responsible journalism requires proper research and truthful delivery of the news. So, get the facts straight first before anything.

Whether it’s on an Amsterdam holiday or an Amsterdam city trip, it is always good and helpful to know about the news. Plus, it is also great to know that there is so much going on behind the print on a newspaper. Storytelling can also be a lot of work.


  1. Daysi J. Purvis

    wow thank you for the tips…<3

  2. Lloyd J. Ready

    Wherever you are, it’s always good to keep yourself updated. You can’t just keep traveling from place to place and not know that there’s going to be huge storm coming in the next country you visit. Thus, it’s great that you have these reliable sources so you can watch and read the news from any point on the globe.

  3. Evan L. Simpson

    I have had my fill of badly written news articles. Not only did they grossly fail to hit the right points, but they also managed to be largely biased and read as though the authors couldn’t really help themselves. Terrible to read, even more terrible to digest. Good thing there’s Republique, though.

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