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If somebody wants to know more about Switzerland – beyond the Amsterdam city trip and the Amsterdam canal tour, reading their news would be one way to do it. Like all countries, they have their own string of reliable news sources. Ranging from newspapers to television news shows, this country does not fall short on keeping their citizens updated 24/7. Here are some of them;

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

This is also commonly known as “NZZ.” It is considered as one of the leading newspapers. It is set in the German language and is published in Zurich.


Still one of the famous newspapers around that captures a lot of readers. This is also based in Zurich.

20 Minuten

This is a newspaper set in the German language and is a daily newspaper delivered for free. It is published at the same time not just in Zurich, but also in Berne, Lucerne, St. Gallen and Basel. Talk about free and informative.

Neue Luzerner Zeitung (Neue LZ)

This is the regional newspaper set in Lucerne. This is also one the most popular newspaper companies in Switzerland. At the same time, regional version of this paper is also published in Obwalden, Ndwalden, Schwyz, Zug and Uri.

Aargauer Zeitung

This is also one of the many regional newspapers around Switzerland. This is published in Canton of Aargau.

For other newspapers, you can check out the Tessiner Zeitung. Published in Locarno, Tessiner Zeitung is one of Switzerland’s regional newspapers. The St. Galler Tagblatt is another one. This is a regional newspaper published in St. Gallen, Switzerland.


No matter how far that Switzerland trip takes anyone, news is always there to keep one updated. Although there a lot more newspapers aside from the ones that were mentioned, but this is just a taste of how one can stay updated in Switzerland. Reading their papers could also be a good way to learn the language. Since it is encouraged to use basic words in news writing, it could be easy to learn on how to read the words. If a trip to Switzerland is panned anytime soon, this could be a good guide on how things are going over there before going. And once there, updates from these sources about the weather, lifestyle and economics could pique anyone’s interest.


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